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Final CountDown To UN World Government

Dr. Michael Coffman, CEO of Sovereignty International and editor of Discerning the Times Digest, uses actual UN, EU and US documents to show how globalists have quietly manipulated world events to bring us to the brink of world government. Using quotes from these documents and graphics, Dr. Coffman documents a spell-binding story that puts all the pieces together. Nowhere else will you get this kind of information. It is the same type of documentation that was used by Dr. Coffman and Sovereignty International to stop the ratification of the anti-human UN Convention on Biological Diversity treaty in the US Senate--one hour before it was scheduled for ratification.

The link between the UN and your backyard
The UN/big business/NGO unholy partnership
The emerging anti-human world religion
The religious basis of federal land management
The reason for the attack on property rights
Global factions battling for geopolitical power
Why and how Russia/China stood down Clinton
How we almost had nuclear/biological terrorism
First Kosovo and soon Israel--Prophecy fulfilled?
How the UN is using the UN Millennium Summit and Declaration to implement world government
How you can be more effective

VHS 150 MIN.

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