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    Signing up to recieve rentals is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

    1. Choose which subscription level is right for you. You can rent as many videos as you like over time, but you must return videos you've rented before you will recieve any more (corresponding to your subscription level).

    2. You'll need to sign up by subscribing through PayPal. You can use major credit/debit cards or checks.

    3. Finally, return afterwards and fill out the form below to start recieving your rental VHS/DVD's.

Subscription Levels:

    First Level (one video at a time) - With this level you are allowed to rent one video. To recieve additional titles you must return the one you already have. 14.95

    Second Level (two videos at a time) - This level is just like the first one except you may have two videos rented out to you at any one time. 19.95

    Third Level (four videos at a time) - This is the highest level. If you subscribe to the third level, you can recieve up to four titles at once. 37.95

    All Rented Videos include an addressed envelope and return postage.

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Your credit card or checking account will be billed once per month.

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Always order alternative titles.


1. If you are not currently subscribed, choose one of the service terms above and click subscribe. Close the pop-up window after subscribing. Go to the page of the video you want to rent and click on the "Rent" button. You will arrive back at this page where you can go directly to the order form above to request videos.

2. Already a subscriber? Go directly to the order form above from any video page by clicking the "rent" button. Fill in your email address and phone number, and the titles of the videos you want to rent. Keep the window open until you visit any video pages of interest. List all rental titles in the above order form, and then click on the button "Rent Videos".


1. Return labels and postage are provided with all rentals.
2. Cancel monthly membership at any time prior to next months billing.
3. All tapes must be returned and received before cancelation.
4. There is no return date or time limit on the length of time you may keep videos, provided your membership subscription is kept current.
5. Where videos are part of a multi-volumn set, each volumn is treated as a separate video. (Example, the 2 volumn set of "They Sold Their Souls For Rock n Roll" would be treated as 2 video rentals.

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