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UFO'S: The Hidden Truth
UFO'S: The Hidden Truth

The most comprehensive documentary on UFO's ever produced!

Are UFO's real? If so, what intelligent forces are behind them?

Reveals how Christians should view the growing evidence of UFO sightings, face-to-face encounters and alleged abductions. Know the startling truth!


  • UFO sightings by Christopher Columbus, Alexander the Great and other historical persons.
  • Military pilot's encounter with UFO's
  • Kenneth Arnold's historic sightings of UFO's over the Cascade mountains
  • Recently released FBI documents on UFO's
  • Evidence that UFO's exist as seen in film footage taken by American astronauts
  • Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan tell of their UFO sightings
  • The truth about Project Blue Book.... and much more!
Christian authors Dave Hunt and I.D.E. Thomas reveal the hidden truth behind these and other questions!
VHS - 74 mins.

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