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Tower of Infamy

It has happened. The Illuminati and its secret societies have conquered the Christian Church. Energized by demon powers, the plot to destroy Christianity has succeeded beyond the eliteís wildest dreams. In this video, Texe Marrs presents startling, new evidence that famous-name Christian leaders have sold-out to Satan. Seeking to make a name for themselves and to reap financial gain, these wicked men have been given over to a reprobate mind.

Today, they are so deluded they blaspheme God thinking they praise Him. They honor devils believing God is pleased. They exalt demonic "Messiahs" idols and bow down before them thinking they are doing God service. They practice witchcraft supposing it is a "new move of God."

The Illuminati have long taught the Secret Doctrine that good is evil and black is white. Now, amazingly, in a mind-boggling Orwellian twist, the planetís best known and most beloved clergy and evangelists endorse these same, sick, illuministic philosophies. In stunning fashion, they have built, before our very eyes, a colossal, spiritual Tower of Infamy. The whole world is thus readied for its startling climax: That astonishing day when all humanity will shout in unison: "Hail Lord! Hail Lucifer!

84 Minutes - VHS

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