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The Smart Growth Fraud
Not designed to succeed, designed to control people.

Smart growth promises to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution and improve open space and quality of life. It does none of these things. In fact, it does just the opposite. It opens the door to corruption and is highly discriminatory. It is a total fraud and it is costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars annually and a loss of our constitutional freedoms.

Dr. Coffman graphically details step by step what smart growth promises and how it can never live up to its warm promises. He reveals how it squanders billions of dollars in projects no American would support if they knew their staggering costs. The most important cost, however, is a hidden cost. By its very application, smart growth shifts control of private property rights from the individual to the government.

Smart growth is not designed to succeed, although most who promote it do really believe in it. It is designed to control people. Dr. Coffman exposes the direct connection from the United Nations Agenda 21 to the deliberate effort by bureaucrats to change United States policy to promote smart growth and the UN agenda in America. Smart growth is the next step in exerting international control over all Americans. It is critical for both urbanites and rural citizens to understand this fraud.

1 Hour, VHS

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