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Bill Clinton's Rise To Power
Bill Clinton's
Rise To Power

Bill Clinton became the first president in the nation's history to fire every U.S. Attorney in the country. He was also the first president to summarily dismiss an FBI director.

What could the reasons be for these unprecedented actions by a new President? President Clinton himself may have given us a clue to the answer when he stated, "I believe the measure of a person's values can best be measured by examining the life the person lives." This documentary examines the unseen life of Bill Clinton from his college days to the present...revealing new findings that have never been told.

From Bill Clinton's days at Oxford... to his tenure as Governor of Arkansas. From allegations of drug running near Mena, Arkansas... to the China connection. From the deaths of two teenage boys in a small town in the deaths of some of the highest officials in Washington such as Vincent Foster and Ron Brown, and dozens of other mysterious casualties of those having knowledge or involvement in one or more of the Clinton scandals.

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