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Phenomenon:The Lost Archives
The Lost Archives

2 Episodes On One Tape

Keeping the Faith: The Mystery of Mass Suicide
How can the charismatic energy of any leader translate into the voluntary death of hundreds, even thousands, of people? Throughout the course of civilisation incidents of mass suicide have shaken humanity to the core. Yet history records very different social attitudes toward these extreme events. From the martyrdom of the Romans at Masada to the debauchery and carnage perpetuated by Jim Jones in Guyana, are these the acts of the morally righteous or the morally depraved? In the end, what made them do it?

Science Fraud: E=MC$
The cold fusion debacle and the purported discovery of the Piltdown man stand as two of the greatest shams perpetrated over the course of scientific history. Have we learned anything from the real or alleged goldbricks of the past? Experts in the field think not. Today's scientists are under considerably more pressure to achieve results in their field. If they don't, they risk losing research grants or, perhaps more importantly, their chance at university tenure. How do these inherent conflicts of interest impact the integrity of medical and scientific discovery, and how do they affect our society at large?

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