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Phenomenon:The Lost Archives
The Lost Archives

2 Episodes On One Tape

Genesis Revisited
Evidence of a civilization ruled by emissaries from another world is revealed in the ancient tablets of man. Historian and archaeologist Zecharia Sitchin uncovers the lost and hidden archives of the Anunnaki: extra planetary visitors who over 6,000 years ago inspired what is thought to be the earliest civilization known to man - the Sumerians.
From the sacred stone tablets of this culture, any of the teachings of the earliest recorded inventors; philosophers and biblical scholars once thought mythical are now known to be true. Where did these Anunnaki come from? Sitchin says, and NASA scientists concur, that there may be a mysterious tenth member to our solar system: what the Sumerians called Nibiru.

Irretrievably Lost: The Search for the Savannah Bomb
Recently released government documents indicate that over the past 50 years, American military operations have been responsible for the loss or disappearance of 12 atomic weapons. How could this happen? What are the consequences? Each account is explored in frightening detail, culminating in a journey through the swamps of Savannah. Here, in this boggy home to the families of residential fishermen, we join investigators as they dredge and wade through the mire in search of what experts believe to be an armed nuclear warhead.

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