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Pagan Invasion Series

Halloween: Trick or Treat Tape 1 - for sale or rent here - An innocent holiday or rooted in the occult?

Invasion of the Godmen Tape 2 - Eastern thought and its spawning in the west is examined.

Meditation: Pathway to Deception? Tape 3 - Yoga's practice in everyday situations - is it dangerous? #800828-009VHS

The East Seduces the West Tape 4 - Analyzes psychotherapies - are they forms of black magic? #800828-010VHS

Dawning of the New Age Tape 5 - The New World Order and the warning signs to watch out for. #800828-011VHS

Evolution: Hoax of the Century? Tape 6 - Why are many scientists abandoning their belief in traditional evolution? #800828-012VHS

Evolution: From Physics to Metaphysics Tape 7 - How is the theory of evolution taking a mystical turn? #800828-013VHS

Preview of the Antichrist Tape 8 - Methods of former "would be" anti-christs are compared to the signifigance of a coming global "New World Order" #800828-014VHS

Secrets of Mind Control Tape 9 - For mature audiences - a look into the ability to captivate and control men's hearts and minds for one's pleasure. #800828-015VHS

The Latter Day Empire Tape 10 - Examines mormonism and its purpose in being the largest business corporation in the eestern United States. #800828-016VHS

Joseph Smith's Temple of Doom Tape 11 - Goes behind the closed doors of the Mormon Temple, quizzes its secret rites and meanings. #800828-017VHS

Religion vs Christianity Tape 12 - A dramatic search into the world's leading religions and Biblical Christianity. #800828-021VHS

Doorways to Satan Tape 13 - For mature audiences - an expose of society's bold and defiant involvement in Satanism. #800828-022VHS

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