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None Dare Call it Murder

Narrated by Anthony J. Hilder. Over the last ten years Bill Clinton, first as governor of Arkansas and then President of the United States, has left a trail of dead bodies in his wake. Many of the deceased were close friends, confidants, and advisors; others were reporters and criminal investigators looking for evidence of foul play. Most met violent ends, while others ended their lives in more mysterious ways.

Were these deaths all accidental - happenstance, or was there something much more Machiavellian behind this "sudden death syndrome?" Dare we call at least some of them murder? Certainly! That may be a hideous thought to many, but, under the circumstances, it is a possibility that must be addressed.

Despite being urged to do so by tens of thousands of their constituents nationwide, not one single senator or congressman has had the courage to raise the issue on Capitol Hill? Why? Are they, also, afraid of being bumped off?

None Dare Call It Murder validates your darkest suspicions about the President and his First Lady and asks the question,"Would justice be best served if Bill Clinton served out the rest of his term in the big house rather than the White House?"

This is undoubtedly one of the most disquieting videos you will ever view.

VHS 68min

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