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the Secrets of the Third Reich

Can we exclude an extraterrestrian contact at that time? One of the last large secrets of our century is the occult past of the Third Reich and its secret societies Templer, Thule, Vril and the 'Lords of the Black Sus - SS'. An integrated technology that derived from occult secret knowledge - i.e. anti-gravitation driven round planes (UFO) with the code names Vril and Haunebu (V7) - has never been made available to the public under the cover of military secrecy by the allied victorious powers. The occult secret societies of the Third Reich ranked among the best old orientalists of the world back then and knew about the existence of extraterrestrian technology that was brought down to Earth in old Sumeria by the gods who 'came down from heaven'. A thrilling documentation with incredible stories, contemporary documents, original photographs from the Third Reich! Scientists and a CIA informant reveal! approx. 60 Minutes

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