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"Diaprax* and the Church -
Manipulating the Church into Globalism"

(*Dialectic & Praxis)

If you have left a Church that was taken over by the Church Growth Movement, or your currently in a Church experiencing these problems, you need to see this video!

The Church Growth Movement Seminar
by Dr. Robert Klenck
    1. Dr. Klenck exposes who is behind the Church Growth Movement.

    2. How to recognize it.

    3. Where it came from.

    4. Where it's going.

    5. What's next? Get ready for Act II..!

If you have left a Church, and you need closure, Watch This Video!

If your still in a Church witnessing a slow progression of changes, and think it's just you, Watch This Video!

2 1/2 hours - VHS - 67739A-002VHS

Video Entitled "Diaprax and the Church: Manipulating the Church into Globalism"
Reviewed by Dr. Bill Crump

For anyone who's ever wondered what exactly constitutes the "Hegelian dialectic," how it operates with the concept of "praxis" to create "diaprax," and how diaprax has been utilized to brainwash people and restructure the modern Church, then this is the video to study.

Dr. Robert Klenck, a Christian and fairly young orthopedic surgeon from southern California, presents a most exhaustive review of atheistic and humanistic influences that drive the so-called Church Growth Movement (CGM) in this two-part seminar. Part I is entitled "How the Church Is Incorporating the Diaprax and Why"; Part II is entitled "Manipulating the Church into Globalism." The video runs approximately 2 hours 13 minutes. Dr. Klenck has researched these topics for several years, after this philosophy infiltrated his own church. He abundantly counters this man-made philosophy with the Word of God using the KJV, and he boldly reveals the single, driving force that is truly behind the whole CGM: Satan himself, who is using the movement to destroy the New Testament Church.

CGM has many aliases, including "Seeker-Sensitive Church,"
"User-Friendly Church," "Purpose-Driven Church," "Cell or Meta Church,"
"Mission-Driven Church," "Disciple-Making Church," and "The 21st-Century Church."

CGM defined: CGM is the utilization of modern, secular marketing techniques by the Church in order to draw and hold large numbers of people by meeting their "felt needs." The Church then "converts" and "disciples" these people through the use of modern, organizational management ("total quality management-style") techniques, so that they can effect "change" in the community and the world.

CGM accomplishes this through diaprax, which involves practicing ("praxis") the Hegelian dialectic ("dia") process repeatedly, in order to achieve gradual, incremental, and continual CHANGE (aka innovation).

The Hegelian dialectic, then, is developmental and evolutionary, with the end point being complete perfection; i.e., man can become God apart from God. The Hegelian dialectic principle is "synthesis" + "antithesis" = "consensus." The Church uses diaprax by purposefully bringing believers (synthesis) together with unbelievers (antithesis) to discuss moral and social issues through seeker services, "Bible study," and small groups. Such meetings always utilize a "facilitator" (aka change agent, group leader) to achieve a predetermined outcome among the group (consensus). With each meeting, the believer is gradually moved away from his/her original position of moral absolutism in order to get along with the group as a whole (consensus - "go along to get along"). The facilitators/change agents utilize peer pressure (fear of not belonging to the group) to achieve their goals. The modern Church believes that only through such techniques can we all attain world peace. In reality, diaprax is brainwashing.

The "church" setting and message presented are all designed to be as inoffensive to unbelievers as possible: religious objects like crosses are absent or inconspicuous; the building resembles a theatre without pews; dress is informal and casual; contemporary music, drama, dance, and entertainment reign with high-tech innovations like wide video screens; predominant use of NIV or other New Age Bible translations - avoid KJV; messages are motivational, positive, "feel-good," appeal to "felt needs" and self-esteem, present half-truths, and avoid or gloss over hard-core topics like sin, homosexuality, feminism, hell, etc. The CGM severely compromises God's Word ever so gradually to the point that "believers" eventually sacrifice their Bible-based theology without realizing it.

A highly detailed discussion focuses upon those whom Satan has principally used to orchestrate the CGM, their unbiblical philosophies touted through their various publications, and how they manage to twist Scripture to fit their own agenda: Dr. Rick Warren (pastor of Saddleback Church), Rev. Bill Hybels (pastor of Willow Creek Church), Dr. Robert Schuller (pastor of the Crystal Cathedral), and others like Anthony Robbins, Tom Patterson, Peter Drucker, and Bob Buford. These and others like them defy Ephesians 4:11-13, which states that the purpose of the Church is for perfecting the saints, edifying the body of Christ, and coming together in the unity of faith. The Church is not designed to cater to unbelievers.

The purpose of the CGM is to create a one-world religion and world peace through tolerating and accepting all faiths and creeds (Christian as well as non-Christian) as of equal merit. This is accomplished by nullifying the judgment of Christ and preaching only God's love. This further leads to a paradigm shift, whereby the Patriarch (Father God) shifts to Matriarch (Mother Earth), hierarchal leadership shifts to decentralized leadership (everybody is a "leader," except in crisis situations, when leadership becomes totalitarian), and accountability to God shifts to accountability to our fellow man and the Earth itself.

Because of the phenomenal amount of information presented, I recommend viewing the video in stages and viewing it several times to digest the material properly.

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