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From Iraq to Ezekiel
From Iraq to Ezekiel

The stunning U.S. victory in Iraq was just one step -- the first step -- in the war on terrorism. For the first time since 9/11, the U.S. toppled a firmly established regime, Iraq; Syria, Iran, and North Korea are "next". Seemingly, no nation can stand up to the awesome power of the U.S. World "Peace and Safety" now seems possible, starting with the Middle East "Roadmap"; or, is it the "Roadmap" to Armageddon? Dr. Coffman takes you behind the news to explain how Mideast nations will be forced to comply with the "Roadmap"; however, this compliance will only be on the surface. Under this surface, militant Muslims will continue to build hatred for the "Great Satan" and her client, Israel. Using stunning graphics, Dr. Coffman takes you back to the days of Assyria and Babylon to explain the history of the Jews and the Arab-Jewish conflict. He exposes how one of the greatest deceptions in history may be setting the stage for the Biblical Last Days and the Gog-Magog (Russian) invasion foretold in Ezkiel 38-39 2,500 years ago. VHS

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