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The Central intelligence Agency is the government's most controversial branch-with a controversial mission to match. This clandestine mission to match. This clandestine organization'' secret methods and undefined goals have been the topic of much speculation…until now! Inside the CIA: On Company Business is a long and penetrating look inside one of the world's most powerful secret organizations. This long suppressed, award-winning tape shows you the CIA of today and its role in the political intrigues of the recent past.

Part 1-The History

What part did the CIA play in the Cold War? How instrumental were they in Cuba's bay of Pigs invasion? Did they cause the overthrow of President Allende in Chili? This volume starts at the end of World War II when the "Company" was formed and takes us through the various political incidents that the CIA has played a major role in throughout the last forty years.

Part 2 - Assassination

It's been a "Company" secret for many years…until this videotape! Assassination as a tool of our country's foreign policy has always been kept under wraps-until key ex-agents tell their shocking stories to our cameras. Now you can learn for the first time of plots by the CIA to murder the leaders of various governments around the world, including Fidel Castro.

Part 3 - Subversion

The CIA has two goals: gathering information and influencing the balance of world power. When a world leader's policies did not match those of the CIA, the "Company" used subversion to topple or destabilize the government. This could mean restoring the Shah of Iran to power, overthrowing Chile's Marxist government, and continuously destabilizing Latin American politics. VHS

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