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The F Zone

Producer Dennis Smith (William Harrity), though innocent of any wrongdoing, is financially ruined by a group of IRS agents intent on changing the tax standards for the entertainment industry.

Led by agent Lothar Gunter (Lee West) they levy Dennis' accounts forcing him out of business. Dennis accepts help from tax attorney Loren Adams (Kelly Hunt), but without adequate funds to mount an opposition he must resort to her off the record advice which entails hiding his assets from seizure by the IRS. Angered by Dennis' evasiveness, Lothar and his marshals (F.G. Houston & Mark Hoadley) make life difficult for Dennis, who manages to stay one step ahead. Loren convinces Dennis that he must learn the knowledge necessary to protect himself, but she possesses alternative motives that are driven by circumstances that have led to her own loathing of the IRS. Loren seeks to convince Dennis to help her create a film that will question the validity of the federal authority for taxation, the sixteenth amendment. Dennis' initial reluctance changes as the pain of Loren's past is revealed.

Loren reasons that by imparting the knowledge necessary to understand an injustice to the populace, change can occur via the will of the people. Dennis' consent leads to an interesting and tumultuous climax.


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