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The Forbidden Book
The Forbidden Book

Now we are treated to Brian Barkley's latest release, The Forbidden Book - a moving and detailed accoiunt of the history of the Bible and the men who gave their lives for it. Brian provides his viewers with an up-close and personal tour of many places where the Bible originated, including the home of Martin Luther, the church of John Wycliffe and the Gutenburg Museum in Mainz, Germany. It is a comprehensive review of the history of the Bible.
The host of The Forbidden Book is Craig Lampe, a Bible historian and scholar. He serves as your tour guide. Initially, we are exposed to the basics of the Bible - showing us how the Bible was copied and printed, when the chapter and verse divisions were published, and the incredible pollution of the Word that took place in certain versions due to unfaithful copying.
VHS - 62 minutes

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