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Freedom Force, the Ultimate Solution

It makes no difference how informed we are if we do nothing about it. Knowledge is useless unless we USE it to acquire power. We must stop always being on the outside of the halls of power looking in. Writing letters and sending petitions to our rulers asking them to obey the Constitution is not going to do it. Voting every two years for candidates selected by others is not going to do it either. The day of the armchair patriot is over! If you are tired of complaining about world problems and want to know what can be DONE about them, you will be enthralled with this presentation. The answer is so simple it will astound you that no one has thought of it before. This is the solution we have been waiting for.

This is a video of a presentation Mr. Griffin gave at the Freedom Forum of Los Angeles - February 5, 2004. It discusses the concept of Freedom Force International. A website is available at to provide additional information about Freedom Force.

Freedom Force is an international training program for preparing men and women to become influential in the power centers of their respective countries and then using that influence to help shape public policy in favor of personal freedom. VHS

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