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Fraud and Corruption

Are you sick and tired of our Judiciary writing laws by their edicts? Our courts threw God out of our schools, legalized Abortion, and Sodomy, to mention just a few instances. Have you ever wondered how our courts could take such lawmaking authority away from Congress? Research conducted by former Representative Charles Key, who was Founder and Director of the Oklahoma Bombing Committee, and Former State Representative for the State of Oklahoma for 12 years. Charles promoted and passed Legislation that reformed the Oklahoma Court system. He served ten years in the fully informed Jury Association. He discusses how public officials violate the Constitution, their Oath of Office, and the Law; how they collaborate between the American Bar and the American Courts; how unlawful and incorrect jury instructions are controlling the outcome of the verdict. He says the jury selection methods pre-select those who will deliver the verdict that moves us toward a globalist totalitarian controlled society that works togethe for World Government. He discusses the International Criminal Court. Almost 3 hours of video!


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