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Countdown to the New World Order

Taped for the On Target show, Dr. Michael Coffman discusses a wide range of environmental issues that are being used to scare people into being willing to give up their Constitutional protections to "save" themselves by creating "global governance". It is an overview of the Global Government 2000 video (above). He uses visuals to show that the best data available shows there is no global warming as proclaimed by the US Government and United Nations, and that the UN's plan to protect biodiversity in the Convention on Biological Diversity will not only reduce biodiversity, but will lock up to half of America into wilderness reserves and corridors. Likewise, acid rain and other pollution problems are distorted beyond credibility for the sole purpose of transferring power from the people and the states to the federal government. This video blows the lid off of the fraudulent claims of environmental and government leadership that we are destroying the earth and exposes how we are being lead into a global government lead by elitists with no accountability to the people they govern.

This is an excellent video explaining the basics of fraudulent environmental claims in a factual, but fast moving and riveting manner. It is a great tool for showing your friends and neighbors, or to play on your local cable access TV station.

50 Min. VHS

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