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Government documents reveal a connection between US government black budget programs & alien technology at Area 51. Norio Hayakawa, a leading expert on US government black budget programs and technology, reveals alleged super aeronautics and avionics, military software programs, worldwide data control systems, simulation technology, and hosts of startling mind-control weaponry. He is convinced that a secret international cabal is preparing to stage a phony extraterrestrial event in the very near future to create worldwide panic to build a “New World Order” upon the ashes of American sovereignty. The technology required to create such an event is now being readied at Area 51, the nation’s leading-edge center of super-secret military operations. See photographs and film footage of all these amazing developments by the foremost researcher in the field. U098 • VHS Video Tape • 120 min • UPC 7 09629 90983 0


Second in the series on government black budget programs and alien technology at Area 51. Norio Hayakawa continues his research into the super-secret technology currently being tested at Area 51. Hayakawa unravels the formation of a “New World Order,” its methodology and its master plan and suggests that some UFOs are a creation of the US government in the first stage of a lengthy development process for mind control of entire populations. Using such diverse sources as CNN, US News & World Report, Jane’s Defense Weekly and Biblical references, Hayakawa links the placement of cellular phone towers, stealth craft, extensive underground installations, secret and dangerous biotechnology, highly publicized cattle mutilations and non-lethal defense systems to corroborate his position that the U.S. Government’s Super Deep Black projects are proliferating – without public disclosure or Congressional oversight – all to provide for the ultimate manipulation of its own citizens. Contains updated information, photographs and video not seen elsewhere. U105 • VHS Video Tape • 150 min • UPC 7 09629 91053 9


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