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What's Wrong With Christian Rock?
What's Wrong With Christian Rock?

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Video Entitled "What's Wrong with Christian Rock?" by Jeff Godwin
Reviewed by: Bill Crump

By his own admission, Jeff Godwin was a slave to rock music for 13 years. After he became a Christian, God called him to research and expose the evils of secular and Christian rock music. He presents rock music seminars to churches and other groups world wide.

The front cover of the video case depicts a young, attractive, female rock singer clad in blue jeans. With microphone in hand, she dances wildly atop a large, pulpit lectern as dazzling lights illuminate her, while down below, throngs of young people lift high their heads and hands in "praise.". The back cover presents a most accurate recap of what this approximately 64-minute video is all about:

"Finally! A video that proves the occult has infiltrated Christian rock. Through clips and quotes from concerts, videos and interviews, you'll see Satan's mark on Christian stars like Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, REZ, Mylon LeFevre, Stryper, Carman, Petra, and many others!"

"The shocking facts are presented with love and compassion, but no punches are pulled. And many powerful scriptures reveal God's position on Christian rock. Find out which direction these performers are headed before you allow them to teach your teens."

Using the Word of God as his source, Jeff Godwin calmly and plainly reveals the worldly, ungodly influences and sources behind Christian rock (CR) as well as contemporary Christian music (CCM) in general. In addition to those elements mentioned above, his program covers the following principal subjects, all illustrated with many examples:

1. Emphasis on four Bible passages:

    A. James 4:4 - The friend of the world is the enemy of God.
    B. Romans 12:2 - Be not conformed to this world.
    C. I John 2:15-16 - Love not the world.
    D. Hebrews 7:26 - Though Jesus lived among sinners, He remained undefiled, separate from them.
2. The principal rationale for justifying CCM and CR holds that all music is neutral, that God uses ALL music as long as the words and the musicians' "hearts" are godly. Godwin counters with the premise that all music is a spiritual creation, patterned after the spirit of s/he who creates it. Music has either the Spirit of God or the spirit of Satan.

3. ALL music was designed for one purpose: to bring God's people close to Him and to give Him glory. It was not designed to fill our dead air space or to make sure we don't have a boring day.

4. If we can't tell the difference between the world and the Christian by appearances or by listening, then there is no difference; the Christian has not separated himself from the world. CCM and CR sound identical to secular styles. Often the loud music obscures the words.

5. CCM and CR are filled with blasphemy and ties to witchcraft. Multiple examples are provided, especially regarding significance of clothing and hand signs which many groups employ.

6. CCM and CR present Jesus as a docile, tolerant "hippie" or "my buddy" figure, not Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords.

7. Many churches feel compelled to utilize CCM and CR as principal tools to evangelize teens and young people, lest they abandon the Church. Godwin counters: If teens will not attend church without CCM and CR, then let them leave, for they were never committed to Christ in the first place. They will only hang around as long as the music lasts. This parallels the subtitle of a book by Kimberly Smith: "Let Those Who Have Ears to Hear: If They Took the Music Away, Would You STILL Follow Jesus?"

8. CCM and CR performers often compromise their "ministry" for fame and financial gain. This is called "crossing over" (to the world). Amy Grant is portrayed as a prime example.

9. There is a discussion about the demonic origins of rock music as such, along with brief discussions opposing "Christian rap" and "Christian thrush" (the latter a combination of punk rock and heavy metal).

10. Godwin closes with three alternatives to CCM and CR:

    A. Don't listen to any music at all (maintain silence).
    B. Listen to or read the Word of God.
    C. Listen to godly Christian music.
Godwin implies that "godly Christian music" comprises lyrics and music with messages that clearly glorify God. The message of the music must match the message of the lyrics, for spiritual lyrics won't hallow worldly music. Any music that has a long association with sex, drugs, rebellion, violence, and other worldly lifestyles or that evokes images of the same (as do CCM and CR) is not godly music.

Godwin's presentation is indeed frank, without malice, and is an excellent review.

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