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In this series, learn how it is NOW possible for every person to be chipped, with their every move, both personal and financial tracked!

Get the answers to these questions and more: Will there be a physical "mark of the beast?" Is it conceivable that some last days one-world government will require a micro-chip be implanted in the right hand or forehead in order to buy or sell?

Do they have the technology and systems in place to pull this off? What else must happen to make men WANT to see this occur? Who is involved? Will it be ok if we go along with this system?


    1. Nowhere to Hide, Iridium Satellites Part 1 - discusses satellite technology AND exposes Bin Ladin and his contacts with the CIA.
    2. The Final Connections Part 2 - discusses Echelon, Facial Recognition, Surveillance Society and the National ID.
    3. How You Lost Your Privacy Part 3 - discusses updates on the first 2 videos and exposes who Norman Mineta is and how the Surveillance Superstate is coming to be.
    4. 9/24/01 Update: Bin Laden and the CIA Part 4 - discusses the CIA and Bin Ladin, China, Pakistan, How this all fits into Prophecy, etc.
    5. The "FEMA" Technology Video Part 5 - This video is a blockbuster and predominantly discusses the coming National ID which is being pushed through the State Drivers Licensing Agencies. Affectionately named the "FEMA" video because of the large number of FEMA agents present at the meeting.
    6. Ominous Parallels Part 6 - Nazism in America - Videotaped live in Perth, Western Australia. This is considered Michael's greatest video yet. It unveils the Homeland Security Agency's ties to the Nazis and the plan to force the HSID on the American people.
    7. The Papal Presidency Part 7 - Videotaped live in Portland, Oregon, this video is an expose of the Bush ties to the Pope and the Vatican. It details how the Bush clan intend to control all future elections, handing all temporal control and authority back over to the Papacy.

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