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Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death
Afghan Massacre:
The Convoy of Death

The film the United States authorities didn't want you to see: a compelling investigation into the true human cost of our "war against terror."

Thousands of Afghan prisoners were killed while travelling in sealed containers on their way from Konduz to a prison at Sheberghan. The bodies of the dead and some who survived were then buried in a mass grave at nearby Dasht Leile. US special forces were closely involved and in charge at the time. Were they involved in a war crime? The Pentagon denies the events. The eyewitnesses tell what happened.

Watch AFGHAN MASSACRE Convoy of Death by Scottish journalist Jamie Doran and Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi. Hear about the massacre and its implications and why there's been no investigation into suspected war crimes.

The film has its first public screening in the US on 6th February at the Centre for Social Media.

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