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911 In Plane Sight

September 11th changed the world. This video will change September 11th.

What is this "pod" attached to the bottom of "Flight 175" and why is it there?

How does a 757 exit the Pentagon's 3rd ring & leave a hole approximately 16ft. across with no visible wreckage?

How does a plane 125ft. wide & 155ft. long fit into a hole which is only 16ft. across?

What is this bright flash seen right before impact of both the North & South Towers?

Why did firefighters, reporters and other eye witnesses describe a pancake collapse of the WTC?

Why is there no wreckage or crater from "Flight 77" on the lawn of the Pentagon?

Why did an eye witness report seeing no windows on "Flight 175" a commercial United Airlines jetliner?

Why were there dozens of reports of bombs & explosions going off in and around the WTC before any buildings collapsed?

Both VHS and DVD are available for rental only.

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